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2nd International Workshop on Semantic Interoperability - IWSI 2012
Call for Papers

Salvatore Flavio Pileggi
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
This workshop had a previous edition in 2011.

The Semantic Web would be an evolving extension of current Web model (referred as Syntactic Web) that introduces a semantic layer in which semantics, or meaning of information are formally defined.
Semantics should integrate web-centric standard information infrastructures improving several aspects of interaction among heterogeneous systems: semantic interoperability would improve common interoperability models (basic and functional interoperability) introducing the interpretation of means of data. Semantic interoperability is a concretely applicable interaction model under the assumption of adopting rich data models (commonly called Ontology) composed of concepts within a domain and the relationships among those concepts.
Semantic technologies are partially inverting the common view at actor intelligence: intelligence is not implemented (only) by actors but it is implicitly resident in the knowledge model. In other words, schemas contain information and the "code" to interpretate it.
The aim of this special session is promoting an open international discussion among researchers from both academia and industry about Semantic Interoperability (and related issues) as well as the selection of a restricted number of high-quality selected papers about interest topics.

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